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AIMS Grab Bag

Purchase the AIMS Grab Bag
One registration is used for A5v5, v6, v7, v8, and v9.
 The AIMS Grab Bag is an Alpha Five addin created by AIMS DataCom that includes a "grab bag" of various utilities for A5 developers.
Step #1 - Run the installation routine and READ/PRINT THE "Read Me" section. The "Read Me" section tells how to do step #2. The installation will add the routines to the Addins_Installed folder of your A5v5, v6, v7, and/or v8 programs.

Step #2 - Follow the instructions in the Read Me to add an icon to your A5 Control Panel that will display the list of available functions.

NOTE: In some cases a new addin may not be recognized by Alpha. In that case, go to the A5 Control Panel, click Tools in the menu bar, then click Addin Manager. Once in the Addin Manager, uncheck one of the addins, click OK, then repeat the process and re-check the box that was unchecked. This should force A5 to update the addin list correctly.

Method 1 (preferred): Click the icon in the control panel toolbar that was created in step #2 above.

Method 2: Go to the Interactive Editor and type AIMS_Ctl_Pnl_Toolbar.

 Compact Data Dictionaries - Compacts only the data dictionaries - does not waste time deleting records and re-indexing all tables.
App Basics - a simple list of tables, sets, fields, indexes, operations, etc.
Data Dictionary Disable - disable and re-enable a data dictionary to temporarily deactivate field rules.
Make DD files into table - lets you see 'under the hood' of your database.
Folder Backup - backup folders to an external drive.
Script Passwords - add/remove passwords in global scripts and functions.
Layout Passwords - add/remove passwords in layout events. (but not on the layout itself)
Field List with Defs - A list of the fields for a table with the field definitions.
Field List - names only - A simple list of the field names for a table.
Max Field Length - Gets the largest width actually used in character or numeric fields.
Field Rule password check - lists any password protect field rule - this should never be done.
Open Layouts Once - Opens all layouts once to make sure they open correctly and build any necessary indexes.
Sort Clipboard - Sorts a multi-line text string on the clipboard.
Screen Resolution - Quickly change screen resolution. (From the Code Library)
Script List by Date Revised - Uses the 'Last Updated' date in global scripts to list them by date revised.
Variable List - a list of all current Global, Shared, and Local variables.
A5w Text Locate - Searches all .a5w files for a specified text string.
AEX Builder - use to build aex files with library numbers to be used with the Load_library() function.
Copy AEX file - use to copy an aex file to multiple Addins_installed folders.
AEX libraries in use - shows which aex files are currently loaded.
Add Create and Change dates - add Create_dtf and Change_dtf fields to selected tables.
Append matching tables - append data from two tables with identical structures.
Button Text - set common - commonize text on buttons within an application.
Set Event Code - add common code sections to events on buttons and field objects.
Compare Scripts - to find differences in scripts when an app has been copied and you aren't sure which one is more correct.
Calc/Autoincrement fields list - list of all calculated and autoincremented fields in an appliction.
Folder sizes - Shows the number of bytes of data stored in a specific folder. (The Windows count includes all subfolders.)
Count records in tables - A quick count of the number or records in all tables of the application.
Task Timer - Used to keep track of how much time you are spending on a project.
Website size - Uses ftp_get_list to create a complete list of website folders.
Delete Operations - Use to clean up old, unused operations. Faster than doing it manually.
Count xbasic functions used - Just for fun - counts how many times each A5 function is used in your global scripts and functions.
plus - a few functions for owners of the AIMS Index Rebuild and/or AIMS Reg addins.


1.04 2009-09-27
  • Fixed path selection in Text Locate routine so you can select the root folder of the drive. (Req'd by an Alpha change in A5v8.)
1.03 2009-06-29
  • Improved the Compare Scripts routine and added a Compare Text Files routine.
1.02 2009-03-16
  • Added filters and orders to the App Basics routine.
  • Added set links to the App Basics routine.
  • Added more screen resolution options to the Screen Res routine.
  • Other minor improvements/fixes.
1.01 2008-03-02
  • Minor changes to a few of the routines - mostly notes and instructions.

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