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Trak-It SP
The program for running a real estate sign post business.
Save Time!   Reduce duplication of effort!   Stop losing posts!

Download the Trial Version now! (47 meg download)

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What is Trak-It SP?

Trak-It SP is a database designed specifically for running real estate sign post installation companies. The program tracks all orders for a specific address, automatically checks for possible duplicate orders as soon as an address is entered, prints daily driver work sheets, builds invoices (including past-due amounts), provides instant lookup of individual orders by address or work order number, creates instant lists of current post installations for specific clients, has the best on-line ordering system available, and provides numerous other time saving methods to help you run your sign post business more efficiently. See the Features page for more details.

An E-Mail Confirmation option is also available. This option automatically opens an e-mail confirmation window whenever an order is closed and the agent has requested confirmation. Just click the OK button to send the e-mail. It can even attach photos automatically!

New mapping features added:
  • Addresses for new orders can now be exported from Trak-It SP then imported into MS Streets & Trips where the route can be optimized for the shortest distance before printing the map.
  • A single button click will now open MapQuest or Yahoo Maps to the address of the order being viewed. This can be very handy if your installer calls from the road needing assistance to locate the property.
Many other features have been added since the initial release. See the Version History page for details.

It's Here!  On-line Order Entry that redefines "state-of-the-art."

Try it out on our test site.

Our custom on-line ordering system is now available. This system raises the bar for defining "state-of-the-art." All of the few on-line ordering systems we've found for post installers so far are really nothing more than a fancy e-mail system - you still have to re-type all the data into your system after receiving the e-mail. Our system will store the data in a database that can be reviewed and quickly copied into your main database without re-typing the order! Here are a few of the features that are in this system:
  • Tightly integrated with the main Trak-It SP database.
  • The available fields and the choices within each field on the order form will be based on specific user options defined by you. Examples: (1) If you only have one post color available, that will be the only choice and it will be filled in by default. However, if you have multiple colors available, the default will be blank but all choices will be listed. (2) Fields such as "Riders" will not be available if you checked the "skip riders" option when defining the program settings for your company. Since the service isn't offered, the field won't even appear on the order form.
  • Agents log in with a user number and password. The login process limits them to only viewing or entering their own orders. In addition to agent logins, an administrator at the brokerage can log in to view, edit, or enter orders for any agent at that brokerage. (Editing can only be done up to the time the order is downloaded.)
  • Order information will be verified on-line before it can even be submitted. This will reduce errors caused by incomplete information such as bad request dates (dates that are invalid, before 'today', or too far in the future) or a missing order type, quantity, street address, city, etc.
  • New orders will be stored on-line and downloaded periodically by the post company. (Typically near the end of the day just before printing driver sheets for the next day.) This will allow agents to edit or cancel orders up until the time they are downloaded. Even more important, this means that you will download the orders, review them, and post them into your database without re-typing anything! This is far superior to most current on-line ordering systems that simply send you an e-mail so you can re-type the information into a database.
  • On-line confirmation of the order. As soon as an order is entered, the agent is taken to the Confirmation screen where they can either: (1) print a hard copy from the browser and/or (2) have it sent by e-mail. The e-mail can even be sent to multiple people such as an administrator at the brokerage and the agent. Or, the administrator could print a hard copy and e-mail a copy to the agent. Confirmations can only be created after the order has been submitted which means the agent can't accidentally print a confirmation without submitting the order. Also, confirmations include the date and time that the order was submitted. If they forget to print a confirmation or want to reprint one, they can do that from the Pending Orders form. The Pending Orders form shows all new orders for that agent that have not yet been downloaded. All orders on that screen will be removed at the next download.
  • After the new work orders have been input to the database, a simple mouse click will upload the latest data to the on-line database so agents can see the status of all posts currently ordered or actually installed. This is in addition to the fact that the desktop portion of the program has an automated confirmation e-mail option (with or without attached photos) that is sent at the time the work order is closed out in the database.
  • The on-line status always includes completed orders and orders that have been received but not yet completed. Optionally, closed orders can be included for a user-selected number of days.
  • On-line customers can also access a two year history of their orders. This allows them to check for previous orders and see everything that was on each order without calling you. And, since there is no way for either the post company or the agents to change the history file, it has also been known to solve problems when the customer claims they made some specific request and you show something different.
Demo Available

In addition to the fully functional trial version that can be downloaded above, a personalized demo can also be set up.

E-mail us or call 248-437-5883 to arrange a personalized live web demo.
A 10 minute demo is highly recommended to help you understand the basic concepts of the program. All that's needed is a web browser such as Internet Explorer - nothing will be downloaded or installed on your computer.

There is also a test site for the on-line ordering system. Since this site is only for testing and demonstration purposes, feel free to add or edit orders - just don't expect them to get installed! (They may also be deleted periodically.)

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