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Trak-It SP

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Many reports have options available for such things as selecting specific records to be printed (date range, client, etc.), whether to print a detailed or summary report, and whether to preview the report or send it directly to the printer.

Main Reports

  • Daily driver work sheets. (Work Order report)
  • List of open work orders - a good way to make sure no orders have been missed.
  • Activity reports that show how many Ups, Downs, Trips, etc. were done by each installer for any date range.
  • Activity reports for all clients (i.e., internal use) or for specific clients.
  • Orders expired or soon to expire. (Assuming posts are being tracked by expiration date.)
  • Current signs UP by client.
  • Invoices.
  • Monthly revenue.
  • Post revenue. (Assuming posts are being tracked by charging monthly extension fees.)
  • A list of client UP prices (std. installation charges) by client name, number, or price.
  • Credit card clients. Use this to review CC Expiration dates.
  • Invoice summary - summarized by month or detail list.
  • A list of past due accounts. Use it to determine the total past-due amount or as a call list.
  • Unpaid invoices. The most useful option is the ability to list specific unpaid line items by client and showing the agent that order it.
There are many report variations that you can see for yourself by downloading the trial version from the main page or proceed to the Screen Shots page to see samples of various forms and reports.

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