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Trak-It SP
Update Files and Change Descriptions

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Workstation Install for 6200 or later - Used only for setting up a networked workstation after installing the program on the server.

Version 6251:  2016-05-26   Download/Install this update
  • Changed size of e-mail fields in web tables for Clientsw and Agentsw to match increased size now in desktop tables. This eliminates the truncation of e-mail addresses when sending confirmations from the on-line system.
  • Updated the Activity Lists under Broker Reports. They can now be sorted by Start Date, Completion Date, Order Type, or Agent. And, they can now also filter by Up/Down, NOT Up/Down, or Lost/Destroyed.
Version 6250:  2015-10-07   Download/Install this update
  • New invoice reports for e-mailing to credit card customers. Previously all credit card customers were e-mailed a "statement" marked DO NOT PAY. Now "Statements" can be e-mailed to only those credit card customers who have paid in full and "Invoices" can be e-mailed to the others.
  • In addition, a "date sent" is entered whenever any credit card customer is e-mailed either an invoice or statement. This allows you to e-mail statements, then correct any card issues (do it before sending invoices), and re-run the 'send statements' routine without re-sending to those whose card went rhrough the first time.
Version 6249:  2015-10-07   Download/Install this update
  • Fixes to the client balances report.
Version 6248:  2015-08-14   Download/Install this update
  • New client balances report that shows clients with a current past due amount. This new report takes into account new payments, credits, and charges to show the current past due and current balance. The older past-due reports were based on the past due shown on the last invoice.
  • New option when sending credit card statements by e-mail will allow you to send only those statements that are paid or unpaid. This allows you to send statements only for those cards that were able to be processed then work on getting the others resolved before sending those statements also.
Version 6247:  2015-07-29   Download/Install this update
  • *Client "Find" by phone number now allows you to look up only partial numbers - i.e., look up just "1234" instead of 313-876-1234.
  • The new Ctrl-P phone lookup (see version 6246) now also allows you to pop up a view of the client or agent info.
  • When logged in on-line as a broker, the broker admin e-mails are now the default for "forgot password" requests. If there is no admin e-mail, the regular broker e-mail will still be used.
  • Some minor appearance improvements.
Version 6246:  2014-12-06
  • Added the ability to push Ctrl-P to get a quick phone number lookup anywhere in the program. This allows users to check an incoming number to see if it's a customer number before answering it - thus avoiding unwanted sales calls.
  • Fixed error in Activity Report selection when basing report on "Phone Number on Sign".
Version 6245:  2014-04-25
  • Added the Info Code number to the client Posts Installed list and report.
  • Modified the on-line order pages to check the Order History table to avoid duplicates if a new order is being placed between the time new orders have been downloaded and when they've been reviewed and the new Status uploaded.
Version 6244:  2013-10-10
  • Added button to client form that allows user to send a template e-mail to the customer.
Version 6243:  2013-06-27
  • Added Work_Order and Locaide to the Streets and Trips export routine.
  • Fixed Mass E-Mail routine so you can now create templates.
  • Fixed problem when trying to restore e-mail settings and there are none to restore.
Version 6242:  2012-09-10
  • Fixed error in invoicing routine that caused a lockup if a client with new orders had been marked as discontinued.
  • A few more minor visual improvements.
Version 6241:  2012-09-10
  • Added option to view invoice summary in the default word processor for .txt files.
  • Numerous dialog updates - updated visuals only.
Version 6240:  2012-04-25
  • Mostly a bunch of minor message updates. Also fixed a couple typos that were causing errors.
  • Clients marked "inactive" will no longer get invoices for previous balances.
  • Newer version of backup routines included.
Version 6239:  2012-04-03
  • Fixed Close Orders form so it correctly refreshes the Send Confirmations button when changing records or changing the confirmation type.
  • Modified 3x5 Order report so it will print correctly in V10.
  • Check for and eliminate duplicate agent/client e-mail addresses before sending confirmations to "both".
  • Fixed error that would not allow the user to select a default agent.
  • Fixed 'Close Order' error created by recent update. When closing an order and changing from "Down" to "Lost"/"Destroyed" post and all posts were down, the user was prompted to close the Master Order but the Master Order never got closed.
  • Blanked first record of Installers and SubContractors tables so user can "unselect" them.
  • Added the ability to set OOA prices by zipcode similar to 6/17/2011 change that added it to the cities list.
  • Fixed Close Orders form so the correct property address will appear when switching to a new record. (Issue caused by another recent fix for a different issue.)
  • Add the "Replace existing invoice items" option when closing out orders and adding Other Charges.
Version 6238:  2011-11-23   Never released.

Version 6237:  2011-09-29
  • Added ability to specify different renewal periods for Clients rather than one 'default' period that applies to all clients. The 'default' method still works also.
  • Changed "Find by" in Agent List form so it can be used with the "current client" without showing results for all clients.
  • Added "Find by First Name" and "Find by Last Name" options to Agent List form.
  • Added "Find by E-mail" to Client Info form and Agent Info form. The client version will optionally check agent e-mails if the e-mail address can't be found in the client table.
  • Changes to the Close Orders actions that should result in better tracking of Up quantity and "master order closed" after changing orders between various order types - i.e., from Up to Cancel to Trip; or from Down to Cancel to LostPost, etc.
  • When changing the broker for a client, added a "do not change Phone on Sign" option.
  • When changing the broker for a client and changing the client bill-to phones, the agent bill-to phones now change also.
  • Added an automatic "check for updates" routine that will run each time the program starts.
  • Fixed a problem with the Find Client action when the find was based on a unique realtor name.
  • Fixed a minor problem with deleting multiple renewals at once from the renewal list.
Version 6236:  2011-08-29
  • Fixed a problem with getting the correct confirmation info on orders when there was more than one client with the same billing phone number.
  • Added 2nd report to "Client Up Prices" list that includes client number and tracking method. (This report requires twice as many pages when printed.)
  • Added a start date option to the Signs Installed report.
  • When the client confirmation method is changed, the user is now given the option to change all existing open orders for that client to the new confirmation method.
  • When entering new master orders and there is both a default client "phone number on sign" and a default agent "phone number on sign", a pop up is shown so you can select the appropriate number. The agent number is the default.
Version 6235:  2011-07-20
  • Added Google Maps button to the Download Review form.
  • Fixed issue causing downloaded orders to not properly identify out of area orders.
Version 6234:  2011-07-06
  • Improved "Enter New Agent" actions to make it easier to enter multiple agents at a time for one client.
  • Changes to the Agent_list form to, hopefully, keep the tabs from disappearing.
Version 6233:  2011-06-17
  • Added "current sort order" option when printing list of Up order by Broker.
  • Minor improvements to e-mail setup routines. Better checking and allows automatically setting Gmail accounts to either of the available smtp ports without having to look them up on line.
  • Added the ability to automatically add fuel surcharges when closing multiple orders from the "Completions_frm".
  • Added an Out Of Area price to the Cities table. This allows the post company to (a) automatically charge different prices for different cities and (b) show a warning on the web page when someone selects an OOA city.
Version 6232:  2011-02-03   
  • Added ability to automatically charge a different price for post installs with metal posts.
  • Added note and background color to warning message when an invalid billing number is entered into a new order and the number entered was for a discontinued client. It now says it's a discontinued client so it can be distinguished from a simple typo.
Version 6231:  2011-01-18   
  • Updated "Close Orders" form.
  • Added ability to automatically add fuel surcharges.
Version 6230:  2010-09-01   
  • Fixed error in credit card export routine to IC Verify. A few expiration dates were not being decrypted during the export action and, therefore, not exported.
Version 6229:  2010-08-04   
  • Fixed error in Agent Upload routine.
  • Fixed errors in "Add" buttons for riders. (affects order forms and agent info form.)
Version 6228:  2010-06-20   
  • Info code usage can now be set for individual agents. Previously info codes could only be turned on or off for a client - all agents for that client were affected. This change allows post companies to allow one agent the ability to use info codes without showing the column to all other agents for that client.
Version 6227:  2010-04-17   
  • Added Google Maps search to the Order Forms.
Version 6226:  2010-04-16   
  • On-line users who forget their passwords can now have them e-mailed to their saved e-mail address. (But they must still know their Login Number.)
Version 6225:  2010-04-13   Download version 6226 above.
  • Fixed broker number selection. The broker number selection for a client did not 'stick' when a new client was being entered. The other broker values were brought over correctly but not the number. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed the client selection on the order form. Previously, selecting a new client would not reset the "phone number on sign" until the client was selected a second time.
Version 6224:  2010-03-10
  • Fixed "print invoices" issue (caused by a typo in recent update)
  • When sending invoices or expired post reports via e-mail, it is not possible to cancel the process at any point.
  • Expired post reports can now be e-mailed to customers.
  • Invoices can now be sorted by address or agent then address. (Previously they could be sorted by either street name or agent then street name. Address sorting is now an additional option.)
  • Added the ability to import the broker's "print labels" setting and the admin and invoice e-mail addresses from brokers to clients.
Version 6223:  2010-02-25
  • Fixed Print button on Invoice Review/Payment forms to use the new "invoice e-mail address". (Previously it only worked when sending groups of invoices.)
  • Invoices for "interest only" or "past due only" will now get the "Do not print" checkbox marked as appropriate.
  • When entering a "new agent" and that agent is found under some other client, the agent will automatically be marked 'Active' if moved to the new client.
  • The option to send e-mailed invoices without any previews has now been enabled.
  • Fixed error in Find action on Client Information form.
  • "Prepay" option added to Client Information form. This allows a pre-payment to be added to new clients before any invoices have been created. (It can also be used after invoices have been created but then the payment can also be entered on the last invoice just like any other payment.)
Version 6222:  2010-01-08
  • Added ability to set custom 'annual renewal' fees for each client.
Version 6221:  2009-11-30
  • Added option to NOT print specific invoices.
Version 6220:  2009-10-22
  • Added "up orders" report to Broker Info form.
  • Added "Info Code" field to appropriate reports and browses.
  • Increased length of Broker memo to 250 characters.
  • Added "Current Memo" button to Download Review page. This allows the user to check memos for existing master orders without opening the complete order form.
Version 6219:  2009-09-16
  • Added ability to save custom invoice e-mail messages as templates for future use.
  • Added Preliminary Deposit Report for review purposes only.
  • Restored Activity Report on Client Info form. This was supposed to get activity for only the current client somehow got replaced with the regular Activity Report script that shows everyone's posts.
  • Added ability to edit the "Please include invoice number with payment" message on invoices.
  • Added ability to upload backup files to the website for those customers using on-line ordering. (The files cannot be retrieved without using Trak-It SP.)
  • Minor improvements to 'Find' operations for client and invoice lookups.
Version 6218:  2009-08-06
  • Improved routines for creating work orders from downloaded web orders. The new routines handle modified expirations dates better.
  • Added option to "Signs Installed (All)" report that allows the user to view the records in a browse window rather than printing the report. The browse records can be sorted, filtered, and exported to Excel.
Version 6217:  2009-07-29
  • Fixed error entering agents that was introduced in the last update.
  • Added the agent's contact number to the 8.5x11 work order report.
Version 6216:  2009-07-19
  • Fixed the Credit Card Clients report so it shows the decrypted credit card info.
  • Any order can now be downloaded with a revised expiration date.
  • Added the ability to create special messages at the top of the on-line login page.
  • Revised applicable print routines to handle changes in Mozilla Thunderbird - only affects Thunderbird users.
Version 6215:  06/24/09
  • Added option to open the browser before uploading to online site. This may solve certain upload issues that occur on some systems.
  • Added routine for importing agents from a .dbf table or .csv file.
  • Fixed new issue created by last update when uploading files to the online system.
Version 6214:  05/28/09
  • Added option to change the 'Please include invoice number with payment' text.
  • Simplified the way the selection is made to 'Hide Down orders that haven't been marked complete' when uploading current status to the website.
Version 6213:  03/24/09
  • Fixed issue when printing client Up orders that was created by the last update.
Version 6212:  03/19/09
  • Fixed issue with adding broker info to a new client.
  • Fixed Delete button on Client Info form. (It got broken on a recent update.)
Version 6211:  03/11/09
  • Added routines to "push" broker settings down to clients and agents.
  • Fixed problem with e-mailing invoices using the "preview invoice first" option.
  • Added "LostPnl" as an additional option for the Confirmation Types in Program Options.
  • Sorting by Street Name has been improved.
Version 6210:  03/02/09
  • Credit card exports were testing the encrypted number and, of course, that wasn't a valid number so it would not export.
Version 6209:  02/26/09
  • Added ability to set the number of months before starting monthly renewals for each client.
Version 6208:  02/04/09
  • Adds a 'personal ID' for agents so they can use it to log in to the on-line system.
  • Added routine to import payments from PC-Charge results.
  • Added option on Reports Menu to send group (mass) e-mails to clients.
  • Added export routine for exporting data to .csv files.
  • Added optional zipcode field to the Master Order. (Must be turned on from Program Options form.)
Version 6201-7: These were special test versions.

Version 6200:  08/26/08   (Info only. Never officially released.)
  • Enables some e-mail routines that could not be incorporated into prior versions.
  • Added ability to export CC info to text file for import to PC_Charge.
  • Improved some lookup routines.
  • Encrypted the various CC fields.
  • Added name, address, and zip fields to Client table that are specifically for credit card info.
  • Added ability to find a client in the Client Info form based on an agent name or work order number.
Version 6150:  08/26/08   
  • Added ability to automatically close "confirmation requested" orders BUT only if confirmations are NOT sent.
  • Added button on Close Orders form to show summary of all work orders and invoice items for current master number.
  • Backup routine modified to make restore operations easier.
Version 6149:  07/13/08   
  • Added a read-only copy of the order memo to the Close Orders form.
Version 6148:  04/05/08   
  • Fixed Order_frm2 and Order_view forms so the "No Maintenance/Renewal" checkbox will show with the new names used for maintenance and renewal tracking.
  • Changed the invoice_build routine. Previously it caused the wrong amount to appear on an automated invoice when someone added a manual invoice after the automated invoice closing date but (a) had not built automated invoices yet and (b) did not enter a payment for the manual invoice.
Version 6147:  02/01/08   
  • Fixed error introduced in last update that caused invoice numbers to be blank.
Version 6146:  01/24/08
  • Fixed error in Deposit Report routines when building deposit lists for PayPal or Credit Cards.
  • Added ability to specify sort order for Payment Reports.
  • Added ability to save last report order for Deposit Report and Payment Report.
  • Fixed error in web pages that was causing the "Riders" checkbox to be left unchecked when riders were requested.
  • Removed warning message that said you needed to add Other charges when you clicked the Other Charges button. (The message popped up whenever the record was saved. It is now disabled when this button is pushed.)
  • Caller names can now be up to 20 characters long. (This was mostly for online users but applies to all.)
  • Sign location choices changed from "Client/Here" to "Post Comp/Agent Drops/Agent Hangs". The text actually displayed on-line is more descriptive and a warning message appears if they select "Drops" and do not enter the location in the Comment section.
  • Fixed problem with two copies of the order memo opening when done with Ctrl-E rather than the mouse.
Version 6145:  11/26/07
  • Fixed an error that was causing the program to shut down without warning.
  • Improved script for distributing payments. This was a screen display issue only and will not affect any invoice or balance amounts.
  • Modified the Ledger Report sort order. The previous sort order was based on the invoice closing date and payment dates even though invoices were usually created a few days after the closing date. As a result, payments added after the closing date but before the invoices were created appeared after the invoice in the ledger report and the balance forward columns (calculated vs. what was on the invoice) did not match.
  • E-mail settings modified to log in to the e-mail server before sending e-mail. Many ISPs now require this.
Version 6144:  11/05/07
  • Added routine to check for duplicate open orders. There are other routines to check for duplicates when downloading orders and when entering a new order directly. This routine is only to be used as a periodic check to look for duplicates that may have slipped through the other checks.
  • Fixed a couple of minor errors that were introduced in the last update.
Version 6143:  10/23/07
  • Modified "Revise Expiration" action from Download Review form so it doesn't jump back to the first order everytime an expiration is revised and deleted.
  • Modified "Revise Expiration" action from Download Review form so it will not delete the Pending order if the order type is not "Extension". (Sometimes another order type will also include a request to extend the expiration date.)
  • Added automated method for closing multiple work orders at once. This option must be started by clicking the Close Orders button on the Orders Menu. Click the Instructions button on the form for limitations.
  • Added a routine to archive old, closed master orders and the matching work orders.
  • Speed improvement for the Show Up Orders routine. The long delay for some reports has been significantly reduced. Some of the very fast reports take slightly longer now but it should still be an overall improvement.
  • Modified the Duplicate Check routine when downloading work orders from the on-line system to reduce the number of possible duplicates. Recently closed orders are not listed unless they are for the same client. (If for the same client, the current order could be a duplicate of the one that actually caused the order to be closed.)
  • Improvements to the on-line forms when checking for duplicates.
  • The on-line Posts Installed form will no longer show the "Add Order" link if the posts have all been called down (UP quantity is 0). This stops people from attempting to "cancel" a Down order by entering a new Up order.
  • Added Print Work Orders button to Download Review form. This is the same button as on the Order Menu - a copy was put here only for convenience.
Version 6142:
  • Added "Pre-Invoice Review" button to Client Info form.
  • Corrected issue created by previous update that caused "array index out of bounds" error.
Version 6141:  08/19/07
  • Updated routine for editing "Other Charges" so it will work in version 6. The changes could not be saved because this routine was missed when updating from v5.
  • Modified the Import V5 routine to improve the speed.
Version 6140:  08/17/07
  • Improved routine that checks for duplicate orders when downloading web orders. Fewer false hits and results are easier to read.
  • Added option to select a remote folder for storing installation photos. (Requires updated confirmation e-mail addin also.)
Version 6139:  07/23/07
  • New option to have a different e-mail address when an on-line user sends an e-mail confirmation to himself or others. This allows you, at your option, to either (a) not show your e-mail address on other on-line forms (leave the e-mail address in Company Info form blank) or (b) use a different e-mail address for the on-line confirmations. The 'different' address can even be something like "Do_not_reply@Trakitsp.com"
Version 6138:  07/22/07
  • Fixed error creating new master/work order numbers that was introduced in 6137.
  • Fixed "last user" error that was introduced in 6136. Web orders were showing old "last user" info (from another record) on new orders. This did not affect the program; it was just bad reference info.
  • Improvements to the various on-line downloading routines. (prep, download, import, delete, duplicate check)
Version 6137:  07/19/07
  • Further Improvements to checks for matching addresses when ordering on-line.
  • The Pending Orders form no longer says "Showing 1 to 0 of 0" when there are no pending orders. It now says "Showing 0 to 0 of 0".
  • Added button on Download Review form to re-run the duplicates check. This was added so the check could be re-run before clicking the Create Work Orders button if addresses have been modified.
  • New option added to Program Options form to ignore Street or Road at the end of addresses when making comparisons for duplicates. A second option allows you to ignore ALL endings - such as Circle, Ave, Blvd, Terrace, etc.
Version 6136:  07/11/07   
  • Improved checks for matching addresses when ordering on-line. The check will now expand common abbreviations (st, ave, blvd, etc.) before making comparisons. (The expanded abbreviations apply both when placing orders on-line and downloading new orders.)
  • The Download Review form now refreshes better after a download.
  • Aging reports no longer include 'discontinued' clients.
Version 6135: 06/28/07   
  • Fixed "Argument is incorrect data type" error in aging report.
  • Fixed "test_filter_right not found" error when certain settings were selected to print activity reports from the client form.
  • Modified routine for importing downloaded orders to make it more stable.
Version 6134: 06/14/07   
  • Fixed issue with Client Up Order List that was created by a change in v6133.
  • Fixed issues with the Find button on the Client Info form when looking up a client by text in the client name or label name.
Version 6133: 06/13/07
  • On-Line Ordering:  Added warning messages to import routine if there appears to be a duplicate order in the Pending file or if an UP order is received for an address that already has a post installed.
  • Desktop:  Fixed "Select Records Based On" option when printing Activity Reports from the Client Info form. (There was an error message in certain situations when the last activity report was printed from the button on the Reports menu. Choosing a new "Select by" would temporarily correct the issue.)
  • Desktop:  Fixed "report_filter_left not found" error when printing Activity Reports from the Client Info form.
Version 6132: 04/18/07    (All changes on this update affect on-line ordering.)
  • Clarified some labels and warnings in the on-line ordering system.
  • Added the ability to change the label for "Cross Streets" in the on-line ordering system. (Some users wanted "Directions" instead.)
  • The red text below the Comments label in the on-line ordering system is now set by a variable in the Program Options table.
  • Added option to not upload post information for any post that has already been ordered down. (Previous default was to show them as 'ordered down' until such time as they were marked 'Complete'.)
  • Street addresses and Cross streets (or directions) typed in all upper case on the web will now be converted to mixed case when the actual work order is created. (Same as the desktop version.)
  • Comments added from the web will now show the date of the comment rather than the work order number. This was done to match the way the desktop version works.
  • The expiration date (if any) entered on the website orders will now be imported to the desktop database - as was originally intended.
  • The on-line system now checks the quantity of posts at the address and warns the user if they order down fewer posts than are currently installed. This is only a warning because the user may not want to order all the posts down.
Version 6131: 04/04/07
  • Fixed button on Client Form to create Activity Report for that client only.
  • Added "Total Up Qty" message on Download Review form. This number turns red if less than 0. This helps warn the user if a Down order has been placed twice such as once by fax and again on-line.
  • The on-line order verification has been changed to also include a warning if the on-line system detects a total quantity of less than 0.
Version 6130: 03/24/07
  • Restored lookup on Client Name that was accidentally removed in the last update.
  • Added option to remove the Expiration Date from on-line orders. (That field only showed for clients tracked by expiration date.)
  • Changed on-line download history to keep all orders from the first of the month 2 months ago. (Previously it was just 60 days.) For example, if today is any day in March, download history will be available from the first of January.
  • Fixed the on-line option to build only one work order from the downloaded orders. Previously the "Make one work order" action was working just like the "Create [all] work orders" action.
Version 6129: 03/13/07
  • The warning message has been changed when you try to leave a field that requires an entry (address, city, etc.). There is no longer a check-box to indicate that you want to cancel the changes. Instead it now simply directs you to enter something in the field before cancelling.
  • There is now an option to use an external program (WCL_FTP.exe) for uploading and downloading files to the on-line ordering system. This should only be used if the internal routines do not work on your system.
Version 6128: 02/14/07
  • The program now allows you to e-mail invoices as a batch operation. Invoices can only be e-mailed to clients that have a valid e-mail address and are marked with "e-mail" as their invoicing method.
Version 6127: 02/02/07
  • The 'Out of Area Cost' and 'Sub Name' fields were not showing on the Work Orders tab of the Order Form when the Out of Area box was checked on the Master Order tab. (This was for reference only - it eliminated the need to "Edit" the work order just to see what the cost was or who the sub was.)
  • Fixed "Revise Expiration" button on order forms. An error occurred when the existing Internal Comments were too long to add another revision note.
  • Fixed two of the new "hide fields" checkboxes on the Web tab of the Program Options form. The Sign Type and Post Type boxes were actually the same as the boxes directly above them.
Version 6126: 01/25/07
  • Added MapQuest and Yahoo Maps buttons to the Download Review form.
  • Modified the MapQuest and Yahoo Maps buttons for use in Canada.
  • Added System Setting for closing report previews automatically after printing.
  • Agents with any order - active or post already removed - can no longer be deleted.
  • Phone number on sign will now be updated to the Personal Phone Number on Sign when an agent is changed or a new agent is entered AND the agent has a personal number.
  • Added new order type "Extension" to on-line orders IF it is an order being added to an existing order AND the client is tracked by extension date. This allows clients to enter extension requests on-line.
  • Added the ability to change the Expiration Date directly from the Download Review form. (This works in conjunction with the on-line "Extension" order listed above. A new order is not actually created - only the extension date is updated.)
  • Fields that can be imported from Broker to Client when creating a new client are now separated into more options. Tracking method, on-line, mid-month billing, sales tax, and confirmations are now all separate options that were previously included under "Sign/Post Types".
  • When a client name is changed because of a name change or spelling correction without changing the client number, the agent name is no longer reset to the default agent.
  • Fixed error when closing an 'Office Stop' order. This error prevented it from creating an invoice item.
  • Extensive changes to on-line system. Added ability to add 'Ordered By' name to on-line orders. Also added ability to hide Sign Type, Post Type, Post Arm Type, Post Color, Appointment Needed, and Install On or After date.
Version 6125: 10/03/06
  • Fixed error in selecting Orders Not Charged. (See Invoice menu.)
  • Added ability to open Orders Not Charged list in spreadsheet.
Version 6124: 09/29/06
  • Improvements to the Renewals List.
  • Added Invoice Reports to list Credits, Refunds, and No Charge items. The data can be output to a .CSV file which can be opened in a spreadsheet.
  • Minor speed improvement when starting a new Master Order.
  • Minor speed improvement when searching by client name
Version 6123: 08/13/06
  • Fixed memos in client form. The fix in version 6121 to make the existing memos display correctly in this new version of the database stopped new memos from being created.
  • Changed address lookups in Close Orders form so you can now find specific work orders. The previous method only found the first work order for a master order. (Most people use the Find by Work Order. The address find is only used in rare cases when the work order isn't available or is readable.)
  • Added a browse list in the Close Orders form and a button to show only open orders. This should make it faster to close open orders.
  • Added new button on Invoice Menu that finds and lists all work orders that do not have any matching invoice items. Double clicking a work order in the list will open the Close Orders form so it can be reviewed and changed as necessary to create the invoice items.
Version 6122: 08/07/06
  • On 'Down' orders the Box Type and Rider Types of the original order (used as ref. for the installer) were not showing up immediately after entering the quantity.
  • On-line system was only creating orders for every other downloaded order each time the Create Orders button was pushed. This required multiple button pushes to create all orders.
Version 6121: Released only for testing.

  • Added ability to create invoice items for periodic post renewal charges. (See the Invoice Menu.)
  • Added automatic update message. When a new update has been published, anyone with a connection to the internet will automatically be notified.
  • Fixed memo fields so blank memos won't continue to display the text from the last valid memo. (This was a database bug introduced by v6.)
  • Added routine to verify master numbers after entering new work orders.
Version 6120: 06/07/06
  • Added "Client Details" button to Invoice Payments form.
  • Fixed "Select Driver" routine to properly sort the list. This sort was working in version 5 but required changes to work correctly in version 6.
  • Fixed error when in the Review Invoice form and moving work orders. Moving to a billing phone worked but moving to a client number failed.
  • Changed invoice item deletion routine so it will work in version 6.
  • Fixed "No Monthly Maintenance" check box on order form that allows you to restrict specific orders from monthly maintenance charges. The check box wasn't showing up except on older orders that still showed the old confirmation type that has been superceded by "Monthly Maint".
  • Modified the dialog window and instructions for importing data into MS Streets & Trips. The Start and End addresses must be entered directly into MS Streets & Trips - they cannot be included in the import data because of the way MS Streets & Trips [mis]handles them.
  • Email confirmations - removed leading or trailing comma that can occur in an email address when confirmations are set to be sent to both the client and the agent but one of the addresses is missing. (Run the E-Mail Confirmation Update)
  • On-line only - added 4 week history table so you the post company can review exactly what was downloaded. If there is ever a problem with a download and orders are lost, this should also serve as a backup. You can view the order but no changes are allowed. This way it will always show exactly what was downloaded.
Version 6119: 06/01/06
  • Added the ability to export work order addresses to Microsoft Streets & Trips. Streets & Trips can then optimize and print the route.
  • There are now two "Map" buttons - one for MapQuest and one for Yahoo maps - just in case.
  • Added broker name to order forms. It is not necessary to assign a client to a broker but, if you do, the broker name will now appear next to the client number. (It will be relocated to a more appropriate location in the future when the order form is enlarged.)
  • Fixed a problem with opening the master order memo that was introduced in version 6117.
  • Added "Gate Code" to "List by Installer" driver sheet report.
Version 6118: 05/15/06
  • Fixed e-mail address issue when adding a new agent from the Client Info form. An e-mail address with a period or underscore in the name (before the @ sign) was not being accepted.
Version 6117: 05/10/06
  • Added a "Map" button on the Master Order form that will open MapQuest to the propery address. Of course, the accuracy of the MapQuest search depends on the accuracy of the address.
  • When closing work orders, invoice line items are now created before the confirmation e-mail is sent. (This is normally transparent to the user.) Previously, if an error occurred when sending an e-mail confirmation, invoice items were not created.
  • Updated the forms for Confirmation E-Mail Review and General (Report) E-Mail Review to work properly with the latest database revisions.
Version 6116: 04/04/06
  • Added "Tube" as a new Flyer Box type. Along with this, you can now select which flyer box types will appear as choices in the on-line order pages.
Version 6115: 04/04/06
  • Fixed routine for changing Standard Prices. It was allowing you to enter a new price but not save it.
  • Modified the FTP to AIMS routine so it will work with the new ISP. The site was moved to improve download speeds.
  • Fixed activity report that was ignoring the end date and printing all records after the start date.
  • Along with this desktop update, the web pages have been significantly updated: new appearance, users can no longer change the address info when adding/editing an order with an existing master order, user now goes directly to Confirmation page after adding/editing an order, users can now email confirmations to themselves (and others) rather than printing them.
Version 6114: 04/01/06
  • Added routine to change the Post Install ('Up') price for all clients by a fixed dollar amount.
Version 6113: 03/16/06
  • Fixed an error that could occur when entering a name rider into a new work order. (To date it has happened once in 3 years.)
  • Added Agent Comments to Work Order Report (Driver Report).
  • For owners of E-mail Confirmation addon only - Modified email confirmation routine to allow sending a confirmation when the client has not approved it. A warning message will be shown but you can now continue sending the email. Previously there was no 'override' for sending an email confirmation if the client record was not marked to receive email confirmations. (This check is required because some post companies charge extra for clients who receive email confirmations.) Separate download req'd.
  • Added routine to automatically update the built-in e-mail files to the latest format.
  • Updated "combine agents" routine. The routine that worked in version 5 would not work in the latest version.
  • Fixed field references that were causing an error in the Standard Prices form.
Version 6112: 02/05/06
Revisions to on-line ordering:
  • Changed to more neutral colors.
  • Added ability to hide default company name headers for those who want to show these pages in a frame on their own website.
  • Added ability to set the background color to match the background of your own website.
  • Revised confirmation sequence. The confirmation page now appears immediately after submitting a new order but it can still be accessed from the Pending Orders form.
  • Clarified some warning messages.
  • Added a "New Order" button to the Pending Orders form. Previously the user was forced to switch to the Current Posts Installed form to start a new order. (The user still must switch to the Current Posts Installed form to create an order at an existing location.)
  • New orders at new addresses can only be created now as Up or Trip orders. Any other order type such as Relocated, Reset, Add, Change, etc. must be started from the "Add" link on the Current Posts Installed form. This new feature insures that this type of order will be properly linked to the existing master order.
  • Added a Map Locaide field to the on-line order form. This field is only visible if you check the option in the Program Options form and upload the revised data.
  • The date/time that a web order was created is now shown in all confirmations and is downloaded to your desktop data. It is displayed on the desktop Order Form on the Work Orders tab in the blue area to the right of the Sign Details label. (It will remain blank for non-web orders.) This should reduce the problem of having agents claim they posted the order earlier than it was actually posted. NOTE: The date/time is currently shown in Eastern Daylight Time. There are plans to change this to show local time in a future update.
  • Modified the Download New Orders routine to check for incomplete downloads when downloading new orders. This can sometimes happen due to internet issues when downloading any file.
Desktop Updates:
  • Fixed issue with updating agent billing phones when changing the client billing phone. (issue caused by change to latest database program)
  • Added button to Payments Form to open the Client Info form. (click label on Client Number field.)
  • Fixed Find Address routine. The latest version of the database caused the old routine to not find the correct address. The user had to run a second Find operation after the Address List form opened.
  • The Invoice Undo routine now allows you to select from recent invoice dates. In some cases a manual invoice was created after the automated invoices were run and it was no longer possible to undo the automated invoices. WARNING - If a manual invoice is run on the same day as the automated invoices, undoing the automated invoices will also undo the manual invoice.
  • The 'last order date' for an agent is now based on the agent number instead of the agent name and billing number. This is a more reliable method because billing numbers may change.
  • Added option to globally update the invoice method. The default is "Mail" but a different choice may be more common for some companies. This only applies when first setting up the data. After that, the default for new clients will continue to be "Mail".
  • Updated the Email Confirmation addon to use newer, more reliable email methods available in the latest version of the database.
  • Added the Last Past Due Amount to the Client Balances report along with an option to skip clients with no past due amount on their last invoice.
Version 5111: 01/23/06

NOTE: This is scheduled to be the last version 5 update. Since version 6 is required for the on-line ordering system, future updates will be in version 6 of Trak-It SP running in version 7 of the database. Contact me when you are ready to make the switch.

  • Fixed "box qty" error when building new work orders from the on-line ordering system.
  • Fixed Aging report. The report was not including any balance forward that might have existed from previous system.
  • Fixed "Office Stop" orders. This was supposed to have been changed to a separate order type but had been left in the Trip or Service Call category. The result was that an invoice would show two charges for every "Office Stop" order.
  • Added dialog to allow user to enter specific descriptions and/or prices for Office Stops. (Similar to the dialog used for Service Calls, Custom Posts, or Custom Arms.
  • Changed invoice routine so that the "Payment Due by " message will show on invoices with no new work orders. Previously, even though a "Due By" date was entered, invoices with only a past due or interest amount did not show the due date.
  • Modified label printing routine to show a list of all clients so you can select which ones to print labels for. Those clients that were marked as "Print Labels" in the Client Info form will be highlighted by default and there is an option to save any modifications for the next run.
  • The last two brokerage reports should now be functional.
  • There are now printed reports available to show lists of agents for a client and to show lists of clients/agents for a 'broker'.
  • A field has been added to the Client Info form to indicate whether a client's invoice should be sent by Mail, E-mail, or Fax. This allows you to print invoices in separate groups for mailing or faxing. Automatic e-mailing and faxing of invoices has not yet been set up.
  • The order date and time now appear on the on-line order forms and on the confirmation forms. They will also appear on the work order form for reference but cannot be edited. (Agents are trying to say they placed the order sooner than they actually did!)
  • Items in the "Prices-Std" form can now be set to NOT appear on invoices if the price is set to 0. Any price above zero will automatically be reset to appear on invoices. In addition, the custom pricing dialog which appears for some items now allows you to enter a negative price to indicate that this item should not appear on the invoice. (It probably won't be used much in the custom dialog but it's there if you need it.)
  • Fixed the Revenue and Past Due reports to work correctly with the latest invoicing methods.
Version 5110: 12/02/05
  • Order status on web will now show "Ordered Up", "Ordered Dwn", and "Ordered Oth" rather than just "Ordered".
  • Fixed problem with Enter New Agent script that caused the final message window to generate an error message. (The new agent was properly entered. Only the final message failed.)
  • When switching to the "show current balance" mode on the payment entry and payment review forms, the initial result showed a zero balance until you switched to another record and back. The correct balance now appears immediately.
  • The "show current balance" mode on the payment entry and payment review forms is now the default.
  • When applying payments, the payment list at the bottom of the form will refresh more reliably. (Sometimes the new payment was not listed until you change the record and returned.)
  • The plain Activity Report was always reporting the grand total for Down post quantity as zero. This is fixed.
Version 5109: 11/18/05
  • Fixed rounding error when entering payments - this sometimes caused the wrong "first payment" date to be entered in invoices and on individual line items. In most cases, this date was for reference only and had no effect on other calculations. The one report that would be incorrect was the tax report because it could report taxes as paid in months prior to the actual payment date and this could also cause a report for a prior month to change even after all actual payments for that month had been applied and the tax report printed.
Version 5108: 11/15/05
  • Fixed error in "build refund" script. (versions 5 and 6) The refund was created correctly but the final "Done" message was locking up the program. (Problem actually started in version 5.100 when the invoicing methods were changed.)
  • When on-line orders are imported and turned into 'real' orders, the Comments will now be imported as well. (version 6 only)
  • Modified on-line order pages to include message to include accurate directions from cross street. (version 6 only)
Version 5107: 11/07/05
  • Script to move work orders from one invoice to another was not working. (versions 5 and 6)
  • Fixed printed Credit Card Invoice List to include the balance forward when calculating total due. (With credit card clients there is normally no balance forward so this wouldn't be a common issue.) (version 6 issue only)
  • Script used to enter new agents was not working. (version 6 issue only)
Version 5106: 10/07/05
This is primarily a version 6 update for on-line features. However, if you wish to update from version 5 to version 6, the version 5 update must be installed first or the data import routine will fail.

Here are the new on-line features that were added:
  • Added message to on-line login page that all orders are subject the the Client/Broker Agreement. This includes the ability to link to your broker agreement document if it is stored on the web. (Document URL is entered in the Program Options form.)
  • Added web help buttons to additional order forms and to Posts Installed and Pending Orders pages.
  • Added button on Program Options form to upload web documents for Help or Client/Broker Agreement to the post company's Trak-It SP website.
  • Added option to force on-line users to make a "Sign Supplied by" choice when entering Up or Down orders. (On a "Down" order, "Sign Supplied by: Agent" would mean to leave the sign for the agent to pick up.) Note that the use of "Sign Supplied by" itself is also optional.
  • Added ability to set/modify the "Sign Loc" on work orders. Previously, this was only set in the Client record. This change was required due to the new on-line "Sign Supplied by" feature. (In the on-line form, only Client or Post Company are valid choices. On the desktop, a specific bin number can be entered if desired.)
Version 5105: 10/07/05
  • Improved estimating of Monthly Extension Fees when running Pre-Invoice Review.
  • Improved Monthly Extension Fee calculations for those who have clients that are invoiced at the middle of the month.
  • Added routine in "Build Monthly Extension Fees" to check for estimated charges that were not removed previously and could cause duplicate or erroneous charges.
Version 5104:
  • Modified Invoice Review and Payment forms so they are easier to read. In particular, the Amt Paid is now next to the Current Chrg field so the relationship is more obvious.
  • Corrected the Balance Due calculations in various locations. NOTE: The balance due calculation in the "invoice build" routine was correct.
  • Corrected some references to "post rental" that still hadn't been removed.
  • Corrected some errors in v6 that resulted from v5 scripts that needed to be modified.
  • Fixed an error in the IC Verify export routine that resulted from the recent change in invoicing methods.
Version 5103:
  • Modified the new "Invoice Report by Client/Broker" so that it can handle large numbers of clients/brokers at once.
  • Fixed invoicing routine to solve problem if an invoice item is entered with no Completion date. Depending on the combination of Work Order and Completion dates, it was possible to skip many days of work orders when building invoices if one of the invoice items did not show a completion date.
  • Changed Ctrl-E hot key to activate the 'Edit' button for the Memo rather than the 'Edit' button for work orders.
Version 5102: 10/04/05
  • Fixed manual invoicing routine. Error introduced in version 5100 disabled this routine.
  • Fixed error in "Invoice Report by Client/Broker" that was looking for an "end" date that did not exist.
Version 5101/6101: 10/02/05
  • Added Invoice Report by Client/Broker.
  • Modified Invoice List Report to more correctly reflect the recent invoice changes.
  • Added hot keys for starting the Reset Expiration Date routine and to activate the Jump to this Order button when finding existing orders by address.
Version 5100/6100: 09/26/05
  • Completely revised the invoice creation methods to make them more stable/accurate. The Balance Forward is now based solely on the total of all invoice header amounts less all payments for the client number. This eliminates the problematic issue of attempting to maintain a "current balance forward" on each invoice.
  • The above change required significant other updates and the Aging report and Client Balances reports were improved as well.
  • Fixed an error when double clicking the Order List to open the "Review Possible Duplicates" form (blue background).
  • 5.1001 Fixed error in Pay_Invoice script - "curinv" not found.
Note: Versions 94-99 were skipped because of the significance of the version 5.100 change.

Version 5093: 09/14/05
  • Fixed interest calculation error introduced in last update.
  • Fixed index error when setting default Out of Area price on a new order. (Also introduced in last update.)
Version 5092: 09/11/05
  • Changed order of columns in Unpaid Invoice List report.
  • Fixed typo in Revenue Report query that caused it to fail.
  • Fixed typo in Pre-Invoice Review query that caused it to fail in certain cases.
  • Changed Monthly Extension Fee calculation so it will no longer show any line items for clients with a blank tracking method. (Tracking methods were not intended to be left blank but older data or converted data may be blank.)
  • Clarified "no records found" message for Expired Posts report.
  • Corrected array definition error that caused "Contracted Signs" (list of signs installed by contractor) report to fail in version 6.
  • Corrected sorting issue with Activity Report when selecting All Work Orders and not Grouping by Agent.
  • Added Client Numbers and Billing Numbers to appropriate Activity Reports.
Version 5091: 09/09/05
  • Fixed some incorrect warning messages that appeared when adding payments to certain invoices that showed a balance forward. These warning messages were causing unnecessary concern but the actual payments were being handled correctly.
  • Restores the feature that adds the 'date paid' and 'payment amount' to the invoice details when a payment is entered. This feature was lost when the new update routine was implemented in version 5.085. (These fields are for reference only. They are never used by the database for any calculations.)
  • Changed most uses of "past due" to the more correct "balance forward" in order to reduce confusion. In some places "past due" was still correct.
  • Changed the Find button on the Invoice Payments form so it will default to the last 'find by' choice selected.
Version 5090: 09/08/05
  • Added ability to 'batch' print Activity reports by Broker and to e-mail the reports.
  • The time required to build individual Activity reports has been greatly reduced when sending to multiple clients. The same technique is used for printing the new broker reports.
  • Added ability to print lists of current posts installed by broker. This report shows the posts that were installed for each client associated with the selected broker(s). These lists are included in the new 'batch' printing capability but are not able to take advantage of the speed increase.
  • Fixed problem in ledger report when a credit amount was incorrectly entered in the header as a negative number. The number is now automatically converted to a positive number for the ledger report.
  • Because of the above 'negative credit' issue, all references to that field in any script have been changed so that all credit amounts in the invoice header are converted to a positive number. (It no longer matters whether any credit is entered as a positive or negative number. The system should handle it correctly either way.)
  • Fixed some typos that caused the Invoice Build routine to fail in the previous version.
Version 5089: 09/02/05
  • Fixed index update error introduced in previous update. (accidentally deleted a line.)
  • Some of the group activity reports and broker activity reports are now functional but not yet tested. Use at your own risk. (It won't hurt data but may not give the desired results or may even lock up the program.)
Version 5088: 09/01/05
  • Modified invoicing and payment routines to resolve new issues found with handling credits.
Version 5087: 07/19/05
  • Minor modification to 3x5 order report to add post arm type.
  • Minor modification to "check for duplicate addresses" routine to ignore L, LG, S, or R when they appear as separate letters at end of the address.
  • Fixed error that was not allowing expiration dates to be entered on orders if the "enter client name first" option was set on the Program Options page.
Version 5086: 07/15/05
  • Fixed error that caused a script to fail when closing an order that included Welcome Fliers.
Version 5085: 07/09/05
  • Default Flier Box quantity has been set to 1 whenever the box is checked to indicate that a Flier Box should be installed. This was done because most users have reported installing only 1 flier box even if multiple posts are installed. It is up to the user to add addition flier boxes for other posts if necessary.
  • Replace, Reset, and Relocate orders show the original choices that were installed for riders, flier boxes, and welcome fliers so the installer can check to see that everything is still there. The default quantities are now set to 0 so the user does not have to change them to avoid charging the customer again. Even if the quantities are set, no charges will be created on a Reset or Relocate order and charges will only be added on a Replace order if 'box' or 'rider' (as appropriate) is found in the Replace What field. (If charges are necessary on a Reset or Relocate order for some reason, they should be entered as Other Charges.)
  • If the system detects an index problem before building monthly post extension fees, the routine will now stop rather than building the fees thus requiring them to be removed and rebuilt.
  • Payment routine has been improved. Since the "update past due" routine has been so reliable, the payment routine now uses the same function to update the past due amounts after a new payment has been entered.
  • A minor issue in the Build Invoices routine has been fixed. When the Past Due amount was brought forward from a previous invoice that had a credit balance, the Current Past due of the previous invoice was not zeroed out. This did not affect calculations but could be confusing when reviewing the data.
Due to the growing size of this page causing slow load times, version update info prior to June 2005 has been removed. New features that were added are listed below.

Features added previously:
  • Added ability to backup and restore Saved Queries created by the user.
  • Added ability to create special pricing based on either Sign Type or Post Type. Special prices must begin with a '#' sign. See the "To Create Special Pricing" button on the "Other Charges" form. (Support Files -> Prices Other)
  • Added fields to Program Options to be used for On-line ordering.
  • Modified "Skip Riders" option so either Stock or Agent riders can be skipped. (previously it was all or nothing)
  • Added Aging Form to allow users to call clients and have immediate access to client info including invoices.
  • Added a new Broker table and the ability to link clients to brokers. This allows the printing of special reports that are grouped by the broker for those brokers where each agent is invoiced separately and is individually responsible for the payment - i.e., the agent is the client.
  • Added a Tax/GST number in Program Options that will appear on invoices.
  • Added a button to the Work Order Query form to simplify the creation of a query to show orders with 'expired' posts.
  • Added a button to go directly to the Ledger Report from the Client Info form. (No longer need to open the Invoice Review form first.)
  • Added a checkbox on the Master Order to mark the order as not subject to monthly extension fees. (Some posts, such as those for commercial signs, might not be subject to a monthly extension fee even if the client is normally charged for this.)
  • Added ability to create refunds - see Manual Invoice form.
  • Added ability to send individual invoices via e-mail with automatic e-mail address lookup and default text. (Batch e-mailing of invoices is planned for the future.)
  • Added client fax numbers on invoices to make faxing easier.
  • Added "Last Invoice" button to Client Info form. This will directly open the Invoice Review form to the last invoice for the current client.
  • Added a new Program Option to start a new Master Order with either the Billing Phone Number (default) or the Client Name. This was always possible but the tab sequence when starting from Client Name was very awkward.
  • Added routine to export invoice and credit card information to IC Verify for batch processing of credit card orders.
  • Added option to select driver names prior to printing work orders. When work orders are printed, they can optionally be sorted first by driver then any of the other sort orders.
  • Warning added if changing an expiration date and there is already an order to remove the post.
  • Added ability to charge and track State and/or Local taxes.
  • Added an option to show the Due Date on printed invoices.
  • Added new warning when deleting agents that still have records in the database.
  • Added ability to add, remove, or modify the message at the bottom of invoices that says "Installation not paid within 30 days are subject to removal."
  • Added routine to count total of all posts currently installed. Subcontracted posts are not counted because they are owned by the subcontractor. Lost/Destroyed posts can also be counted.
  • Added "Deposit" report that prints a list of all payments to be deposited to the bank.
  • Added warning prompt if an "Other" order is closed with no Other Charges listed.
  • The Find Invoice routine now allows you to search based on any part of the client name. This makes it easier to find an invoice when entering payments and the name/signature on the check does not match your client name.
  • Added a "Review by Work Order" button to the Invoice Menu. This form allows you to review all closed work orders for a given date range (typically for the last invoice) and check to be sure all items have been invoiced.
  • Added "Ledger" report that shows invoices and payments for a selected client.
  • Added Invoice and Statement reports that fit 2-window envelopes.
  • Added more sorting, grouping, and filtering options to the Activity report.
  • Added "No Charge" option when closing orders. This stops ALL invoice creation for that order. (Later added "Hide" and "Show" options. The "Show" option puts the item on the invoice so the client can see that it was done but it was done at no charge.)
  • Added "Closed" date and color coding to "Possible Duplicates" list to make it easier to read.
  • Added routine which allows user to enter a custom invoice description (up to 30 chars.) when closing "Change" orders. (Change Sign, Change Rider, etc.)
  • Added optional "Code" field to work orders that can be used for any misc. 'code' to assigned to a work order. For example, this can be used to enter a 'daily page number' to identify the order sheet. This 'code' will appear on the driver sheet if the option is set to "Yes".
  • Added "Work Order Date" as a sort order for the "Up Orders" report.
  • Added totals to Expired Posts report. (Posts can be tracked by Expiration date or through automated Monthly Extension Fees.)
  • Added Property Address display on Work Order form for reference.
  • Added Billing Number display on "Possible Duplicates" form for reference.
  • Added optional client defaults for Sign Type, Post Size, Post Color, and Post Arm. (There are now numerous optional default settings for Clients, Agents, and your installation company. Agent defaults take precedence over Client defaults which take precedence over your company defaults where appropriate.)
  • Added a report listing Client Payments. This list is for a date range and can be for all clients or a selected client.
  • Added a report listing all signs currently Up that were installed by a subcontractor.
  • Added options to allow blank caller names and/or blank agent names. (Note: Blank agent names are not recommended because having agent names allows you to offer the additional 'service' of providing various reports by agent name.)
  • Added an option for a default Unit Type. (This saves one keystroke during data entry - but it also makes it easier for users to forget to change it when necessary. This option was added as a result of customer requests.)
  • Added option to show work order date on driver sheets. (The Requested date has always been on the driver sheet.)
  • Added "Destroyed Post" option in addition to the "Lost Post" option.
  • Added a "New" button on the Client Input form that allows you to enter a new/default agent at the same time as entering the new client. Previously, it was necessary to enter a new client, then close the Client form and open the Agents form to enter the agents for that client, then go back to the Client form to select the default agent.
  • Modified the Work Order Report (Driver W/O) so the Work Order Number and Map Locaide would not be hidden under the clip of a standard clipboard.
  • Added the ability to select the sort order when printing invoices and invoice summaries. Sort choices are now Invoice Number, Bill-to Number, and Client Name.
  • Added "Photo Required" message to driver work orders as an additional alert. This is in addition to the "Photo Taken" checkbox that is at the bottom of the work order where completion info is entered.
  • Added the ability to set individual client prices for standard items. The client price, if it exists, will override standard prices.
  • Added the ability to skip certain fields on the work order. For example, if your company doesn't install flier boxes, just mark that field in Program Options as a "skip" field.
  • Added the ability to set default sign information in Program Options. These defaults are intended for situations were only one post type, color, arm, etc. is available. (Default sign info is also available at client level now.)
  • Added the ability to set default sign information for agents. This saves data entry time if an agent generally requests the same options for every installation.
  • Add more options to Work Order List reports for printing work order lists by dates, status, client, etc. There are also two report types - a one-line short form and a long form that includes two lines of info plus any text in the "comments" field.
  • Added routine to remove expiration dates on open orders if a client switches post tracking methods to something other than Expiration Dates.
  • Added ability to show "confirmation requested" type.
  • Added ability to use an E-Mail Confirmation addin that can also attach photos.
  • Added 3x5 work order report.
  • Added post tracking by Expiration date.
Version 5003:  09/15/03
  • Initial release.

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